7 Biggest Agricultural Spray Foam Benefits


Many agricultural business owners tell us that they are used to working in cold temperatures all year round and have never stopped to consider insulating their agricultural buildings until we asked them.

The reason for this is that there is an expectation that agricultural workers will put up with extreme conditions in order to get the job done, but what if doing this is having a negative impact on your business outcomes? We've shared seven of the biggest agricultural spray foam benefits below so that you can understand why it's a great investment for your agricultural business – take a look now!

What is Agricultural Spray Foam?

Agricultural spray foam insulation is a type of insulation product that is designed to provide quality insulation in barns, workshops, storage facilities and other agricultural buildings. It has become a popular choice with agricultural businesses as it offers a wide range of benefits and is a cost-effective solution.

The Seven Top Agricultural Spray Foam Benefits

Agricultural spray foam is a product that will provide you with many great benefits, including significant cost savings that will repay the spray foam fee in just a couple of years. Before you decide to invest, take a look at some of the key agricultural spray foam benefits on offer so that you can work out if it will solve any issues that you are currently dealing with.

Agricultural Spray Foam Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

If you do have to heat your agricultural buildings to keep animals and crops at their best then you will probably have noticed a significant increase in your energy bills. This is because most outbuildings are not designed to keep the warmth in and often have gaps and large doors from which the heat can escape.

Rather than putting up with paying for high levels of fuel costs, spray foam insulation can help to reduce the number of gaps that are sucking the heat from your building. By installing it across each building consistently, you can look forward to up to a 50% reduction in your bills, saving you money that could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Agricultural Spray Foam Stops Condensation from Becoming a Problem

When condensation occurs inside your agricultural building it could spell disaster, especially if it causes rusting and warping in the main parts of the building. Rather than letting condensation take over and create an unhealthy, wet environment, use spray foam to create an insulating layer that will stop the temperature from rising and falling and creating condensation.

Spray foam doesn't absorb water either, which means that the insulating product will be resistant to damage if condensation occurs when the environment is drying out after installation.

Agricultural Spray Foam Can Keep Your Livestock Healthier

If your agricultural business trades in livestock, then keeping them fit and well is the key to ensuring the best profit margins. However, leaving animals to live in draughty, cold buildings can cause health conditions to surface and leave you with large vet bills and lower prices when selling your animals on. When you choose to insulate your agricultural buildings, you will be providing your livestock with a more consistent environment to live in which, in turn, will help them to thrive and ensure that you can get the very best out of them.

Agricultural Spray Foam Can Lower Your Livestock Food Bills

In addition to making the environment healthier for livestock, agricultural spray foam can also help you to lower the cost of feeding your livestock too! The simple reason for this is that the colder the livestock get, the more food they will need to eat to keep warm and increase their energy levels.

By maintaining a consistent temperature, your livestock can acclimatise and reduce the amount they need to eat to survive, helping you to enjoy high-quality outcomes for less money than you are currently spending. 

Agricultural Spray Foam Can Prevent Stock Loss

Many agricultural buildings are used as a stock storage area when other solutions are not available, but this can cause problems when you need to keep your items within a specific temperature range and away from moisture.

Rather than having to find different storage locations when the temperatures become too hot or too cold, choosing to insulate with spray foam could be the answer. Spray-foamed agricultural buildings are more capable of maintaining the right temperature and work hard to keep moisture and pests out so that your items can be looked after with the least fuss and bother. 

Agricultural Spray Foam Can Stop Frost Damage from Occurring

When winter hits, many of us enjoy the sound of crisp frost underfoot as we start our day's work outside, however, this can be problematic when you are using an agricultural building to store food for your livestock.

Frost can cause foodstuff to rot and grow mould which makes it inedible and dangerous for your livestock to eat. By installing spray foam insulation, you can regulate the environment better and ensure that nothing becomes spoiled or needs to be thrown away.

Agricultural Spray Foam Is Simple to Install

Unlike other installation methods, spray foam is incredibly easy to install when you choose an experienced installation service. The foam expands on contact and covers all nooks and crannies to ensure complete coverage.

Most agricultural buildings have high ceilings which can be difficult to reach using other insulation products, but spray foam can be installed from the ground, making it quicker and safer for you and the installation team.

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