Home Upgrade: Hybris Insulation Explained

If you are thinking about making your home warmer and more energy efficient then insulation is an easy win. However, knowing which Insulation to choose can be complex and confusing. At Countrywide Coatings & Insulation, we recommend considering Hybris Insulation as it is one of the best products available right now – find out more about it here and then arrange your no-obligation quotation.

How Does Hybris Insulation Work?

Hybris is an innovative product that uses a unique approach to insulation. The insulation material is manufactured into a honeycomb design that is perfect for a range of environments as the cells of the honeycomb trap heat. This type of insulation works to insulate any property in two ways. The outer layers reflect radiant heat and the inner layers reduce the amount of heat that is lost through convection and conduction. This allows properties to be kept cooler in the summer months, and warmer in the winter months, making it a perfect all year round solution.

What Thickness Does Hybris Insulation Offer?

The thickness you require for Hybris insulation will depend on the environment in which it is being installed. This could be about internal factors such as the area inside that needs to be insulated but also external factors such as the weather, climate conditions and temperature.

As with all types of insulation, there are some common thicknesses that will usually be able to be used in most insulation installations. These will typically start at 50mm and go up to 205mm thick. Regardless of the thickness of the Hybris Insulation, you will always find that the sheets are lightweight. This makes them easy to transport and to move to and from storage. If you are unsure about what thickness would best suit your project, our experts are available to assist you in making the right choice.

Where Can I Install Hybris Insulation?

The flexibility of the Hybris insulation means that it can be installed in the majority of places where insulation is required. This includes roofs, walls and ceilings found within a wide range of buildings. Hybris insulation can be installed in pitched or flat roofs, masonry walls or timber frames and can be placed both internally within walls and externally depending on the type of wall.

Floors that need insulating can also benefit from Hybris insulation as the unique design is durable and flexible to suit most situations. As this type of insulation has been given the CE mark and has been certified within the LABC Registered Construction Details scheme, you can be assured that the product is safe and effective to be used in any setting.

Is Hybris Insulation Easy to Remove?

One of the many benefits of Hybris insulation is that it is quick and easy to both install and remove. The lightweight nature of the Hybris insulation makes it easy to place where it is needed, and also simple to remove if you are wanting to change or update your insulation.

The design of Hybris insulation means that there are no fibres that can be irritating during the installation and removal phase. These fibres can be very irritating when using other types of insulation and so using Hybris insulation is preferable. As the Hybris insulation does not compact over time, it is easier to remove as you won't find a situation where the insulation has compacted so much that it is difficult to remove fully.

What is Hybris Insulation Made From?

Hybris insulation is a multifoil insulation sheet that is made from polyethylene foam and aluminium coated reflective polyethylene foils. The polyethylene foam can be found in a honeycomb shape with multiple aluminium coated foils, providing the maximum insulation. The external layer of the honeycomb is copper coloured and is designed to act as a vapour control as well as being resistant to wind and moisture.

These materials make sure that the insulation is resistant to air infiltration and can also provide sound insulation. The honeycomb design and the chosen materials ensure that the insulation is durable, meaning that there will be no shrinking, sagging or breaking. All materials comply with building standards to ensure safety is as important as the efficiency of the insulation.

How Much Does Hybris Insulation Cost?

If you are keen to install Hybris Insulation at your property, you will need to know how much it will cost. However, as every property is different, you will need to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation from Countrywide Coatings to get the answers you need. During our visit, we will share everything you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right insulation for your situation, as well as discussing all your options so that you can make an informed decision before you proceed. Connect with our team today and book your appointment.
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