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Spray Foam Insulation Dorchester

Nestled between Poole and Bridport, Dorchester is a stunning market town that sits on the banks of the beautiful River Frome. It is a sought-after location to live, but when you own a property in the area you may find yourself frustrated with the levels of damp and cold chills that get into your property all year round.

Rather than selling up and moving on, why not consider spray foam insulation in Dorchester to enhance your property? This product has the potential to rid you of your problems and give you back a warm and inviting home.

Understanding if Spray Foam is Right for You

Spray foam has been in use for decades, with plenty of property owners sharing their positive experiences with anyone that will listen. If you like the idea of getting your property insulated before the winter arrives, the first thing you will need to do is find out if it is suitable for spray foam or not.

In order to check your property's suitability, you will need to get in touch with a specialist spray foam service that has a team of trained experts. The good news is that these initial checks are often free and don't take up too much time.

When your property has been assessed, you can then move on to deciding the type of spray foam insulation that you want to invest in.

What Spray Foam Options Are There?

Choosing the best spray foam id not difficult, especially because there are only two main types that are currently on offer – open-cell and closed-cell.

Closed-cell foam dries hard and creates an impenetrable barrier for water to get through. This results in improved levels of insulation and a warmer home, helping you to reduce your bills.

Sadly, as moisture cannot escape, this type of foam is also known to create issues with condensation which can turn into problems with mould and mildew.

The other available option is open-cell spray foam that is more flexible when it dries and allows moisture to move through the insulation. This type of spray foam not only provides you with a warmer property, but it also doesn't create issues with condensation, meaning that your home environment will remain healthy and happy.

Why Spray Foam is Better Than Other Insulation

There are a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to install spray foam, including:

  • Great Coverage – as spray foam is sprayed on, it can be used to reach areas that may not be accessible for other types of insulation, giving you the best levels of insulation across your entire property.
  • Reduced Bills – when you have a well insulated property, you will find that heat stays in for longer and your need to turn on the heating is reduced, helping you to save a fortune on your energy bills.
  • Healthier Environment – a well insulated property runs less chance of developing issues with damp, mould and mildew – all of which are dangerous to your health and harmful to the environment.
  • Long Lasting Solution – once installed, spray foam is designed to last and will provide you with excellent insulation without any need for topping up or ongoing maintenance. This means you can enjoy all the benefits without any hassle.

How Much Does Spray Foam Cost?

If you are keen on the idea of spray foam then you will want to know how much it will cost to have it installed. Unfortunately, there is no one price fits all and to get a price for your property you will need to arrange for a quote to be done.

Some of the main things that affect the final price include the size of the property that needs insulating, the amount of coverage required, the timeframe you need the job completed in and the area you live in. When you have your quote done, you can ask for it to be broken down into each area, helping you to understand the options available when you need to budget.

The Best Spray Foam Insulation in Dorchester

If you are keen to invest in the best spray foam insulation in Dorchester then the Countrywide Coatings & Insulation team would love to hear from you. We are professionally qualified spray foam installers with years of industry experience.

We can help you to find out if spray foam is right for you and offer a no-obligation quotation service that you can use to work out the costs you will need to cover. Give our team a call today to find out more and let us help you achieve a warmer, healthier home this year.

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