The Myth Behind the Mortgage Problem with Spray Foam

If you are considering selling your house or you are looking to buy a new one, you may have come across spray foam roof insulation mortgage problems, leaving you confused and stressed about what to do. We've taken the time to share everything you need to know about the spray foam insulation mortgage problem so that you can decide how to proceed – read on to find out more!

What is the Spray Foam Insulation Mortgage Problem?

Many homeowners or would-be-homeowners in the UK are finding that they are unable to get mortgages on properties with spray foam. The reason for this is that RICs surveyors have decided to class both open and closed cell spray foam as a danger to internal moisture levels, making the properties unmortgageable at the current time.

The problem with this classification is that it is fundamentally incorrect, with open cell spray foam being proven to be effective in domestic properties without the same risks and problems that closed cell. However, until the classification is changed to show the difference between the two spray foams, homeowners are left in a state of limbo.

What is the UK Government View on Spray Foam?

As the latest RICs guidance advises against properties with spray foam, the UK Government has come under fire from property specialists all over the country. The reason for this backlash is because the government was offering spray foam grants as part of their Green Homes scheme that only ended a year ago, providing up to two thirds of the cost of spray foam insulation to grant receivers.

This means that if you used this scheme to make your home warmer and more climate-friendly, you will now be left with the decision to stay put or pay for it to be removed so that you can move home. This lack of joined up thinking has created a crisis for homeowners, leaving many people regretting their decision to have spray foam applied in the first place.

Where Have Spray Foam Roof Insulation Mortgage Problems Come From?

Interestingly, as some poor spray foam providers have historically installed closed cell insulation incorrectly, it has left those homeowners with increased levels of moisture in their homes, leading to mould and mildew as well as rotting roof timbers. RICs surveyors have taken this information and decided to apply it to all types of spray foam, including open cell spray foam which is deemed to be safe for domestic use when applied by a professional.

How is Spray Foam Affecting Equity Release Requests?

There is no doubt that the UK cost of living crisis is taking its toll on homeowners up and down the country, leading many to consider releasing the equity in their home to be able to make ends meet. However, much like mortgage companies, equity release firms are refusing to accept clients who have properties with spray foam installed.

This refusal has come as a shock to many homeowners as most will have never been warned about spray foam issues before and lots of clients seeking equity release won't have ever considered it until the financial crisis hit. The result? People who are unable to access the cash they have in their homes unless they are willing to pay to have it removed first – it's a vicious cycle that is leaving people without the means to live.

How Can I Deal with the Spray Foam Insulation Mortgage Problem Now?

If you don't have time to wait for the spray foam insulation mortgage problem to be resolved then you may need to consider having your current spray foam removed to be able to sell your property. At Countrywide Coatings, we are currently completing a number of spray foam removals for customers in the same position across the South of the country.

It is important to note that you should not attempt to remove spray foam without the input of a specialist as you can cause significant damage to your property and even put your own health at risk when you decide to do it yourself. While it will cost you money to have spray foam insulation professionally removed, it will cost far less than having to repair damage caused when trying to do it yourself.

I Want to Install Spray Foam – Should I Cancel My Plans?

Having spray foam installed is not recognised as a safe and great solution due to issues you will have in the future, with the current anti-spray foam climate, many homeowners are being put off using it, worried about how it will affect the resale value of their home.

Finally, think about your plans for the future and when you may want to sell up and move on, and you may have to pay more for the spray foam to be removed

Unsure About How to Proceed?

Being a homeowner comes with a huge amount of stress and worry, and when issues such as the spray foam insulation mortgage problem come to light, it can be a very worrying time, leaving you unable to decide what to do.

If you are unsure about the right next step, contact Countrywide Coatings for the advice and support you need.

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