Why Consider Properla? The Important Things To Look At

Why Consider Properla? Why Consider Properla?

Picking out an exterior coating for your property is a great way to keep your home in good repair for years to come, but why consider Properla as your chosen wall-covering brand? We've shared all the important things you need to know about Properla so that you can proceed without worry.

Why Properla Coatings Have Become So Popular

If you've read our 'Properla Coatings: Everything You Need to Know' article then you've probably made your way to this page to find out more about the benefits of Properla coatings! If not, take a moment to check out the article here.

Either way, you are sure to know that Properla coatings have become one of the leading exterior wall coatings in recent years and the reason for that is simple – it's because they work well for years!

The Properla brand not only designed this coating to provide excellent protection, but the makeup of the coating makes it easy to install and maintain so that you can focus more on what makes you happy rather than wasting time on home renovations. Keen to learn more? Read on to find out the important benefits Properla has to offer.

Why Consider Properla? It Keeps Your Home Warm

Keeping warm without overusing your energy supply is something that all homeowners long for and is exactly what Properla coatings promise to offer. When the coating is applied to your home, it works to reduce water absorption and improve thermal resistance which in turn, keeps your property warmer than ever.

Recently the Energy Saving Trust has verified Properla as a product that can help to reduce your energy bills because it insulates your property and fills any cracks that may appear without you noticing.

Why Consider Properla? It's Super Hydrophobic

The way that Properla works to reduce water absorption is through its super hydrophobic makeup. This means that the product works to create water beads out of rainfall which can then run off the building without penetrating the interior walls.

The testing that has been completed on Properla shows that it can reduce the absorption of water by more than 93%, meaning that you will no longer need to worry about damp, mould or water ingress. This makes it an excellent solution for homes which have a history of facing such issues, or older buildings which will benefit from the coating to protect their existing structure, extending their lifespan considerably.

Why Consider Properla? It's Breathable

If you are worried that the super hydrophobic element of Properla coatings could mean an increase in damp within your property then you don't need to worry. Properla coatings are completely breathable and work to allow internal moisture to escape through the walls without allowing new moisture to enter.

Why Consider Properla? It Keeps Itself Clean

As part of the Properla installation process, a self-cleaning layer will be added to the exterior of your property, meaning that you won't need to get up on ladders to clean your exterior walls or pay for contractors to do this for you.

It works by stopping dirt from building up on the surface and uses rainwater to rinse any dust and debris that tries to stick. This means a clean and fresh-looking exterior for the life of the product. 

Why Consider Properla? It Lasts for Many Years

Each Properla coating comes with its own guarantee to provide you with cover against its failure in the first 10 -20 years. When you decide to proceed with the Properla solution, your installer will explain the guarantee on each of the Properla products you have chosen and ensure that it is properly registered so that you can make a claim should you wish to in the future.

Why Consider Properla? It Comes with Many Options

The Properla brand recognises that each property is made with different materials and has a number of different needs. Rather than letting this become a barrier to effective exterior coatings, Properla has developed a number of products that suit all the standard building materials that you can think of.

This means that masonry is covered as well as facades, wood, roof materials and even pebbledash. Properla is a true all-round solution whatever kind of building you have, providing long-lasting protection no matter the style of exterior. 

Why Consider Properla? It's Been Independently Tested

Properla coatings claim to offer a number of great benefits that any homeowner would be pleased to enjoy. However, rather than making empty promises, Properla has backed up its claims with independent testing and verification. This means that all the Properla roof and wall coatings have been rigorously tested by the UKAS so that you can trust that they will work when applied.

The UKAS testing used Lucideon, an independent testing lab, to verify all the claims that Properla has made and the results clearly show the claims to be absolutely true, meaning that you can trust Properla coatings to achieve the outcomes you need.

Why Consider Properla? It Looks Great When Applied

Finally, choosing Properla is not only a logical decision that will protect your home and help you stay warm all year round, but it is a great aesthetic choice too. Properla comes in a number of colour options, including clear, so that you can achieve an attractive finish once it has been applied.

As Properla products come with a guarantee of 10 or 20 years, you can be certain that your property will continue to look fantastic as the years go on. What's even better is that when you choose your Properla colours, you can change the entire look of your exterior walls, helping you to bring your property back to life in a way that suits your style and the look of your local area.

Let's Talk About Installing Properla at Your Property

Now you are clear on 'why consider Properla?', your next step is to find a trustworthy and verified installation service that can complete the installation you need. Countrywide Coatings is a great choice as we are a professional team who are fully qualified in Properla coatings.

We will work with you to choose the best Properla solutions for your needs and agree on an installation plan that works alongside your schedule and your budget. Get in touch with our team today and let's arrange a free quotation visit today.

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