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If spray foam insulation is delaying the sale of your property, then call Countrywide Coatings & Insulation now!

Many homebuyers may have concerns or reservations about spray foam insulation due to potential health risks, installation issues, or personal preferences. By removing spray foam insulation, you broaden the pool of potential buyers, making your property more marketable.

Removing spray foam insulation provides more accessible access to the loft or attic space, allowing for future upgrades, repairs, or renovations. Whether you want to install new electrical wiring, upgrade HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, or add storage space, removing the foam makes these tasks more accessible.

When considering spray foam removal, hiring experienced and reputable contractors like Countrywide Coatings & Insulation who specialise in this service is essential. They have the necessary expertise and equipment to safe removal of the foam without causing damage to the property.

Do I require a new roof for the spray foam insulation removal?

When contemplating the removal of spray foam insulation, one common concern is whether it will necessitate a new roof. While it's not always the case, it's crucial to assess the condition of your roofs before and after the removal process. Removing spray foam insulation might expose underlying issues with your roof, such as leaks, damage, or structural weaknesses, which may require repairs or even a new roof installation. Additionally, suppose the insulation was improperly installed or caused damage to the roof during its application or removal. In that case, addressing these issues promptly is essential to maintain the integrity and safety of your property. Countrywide Coatings & Insulation can assess your roof's condition and guide any necessary repairs or replacements to ensure a seamless transition during the insulation removal process.

Example of spray foam that needed to be removed.

(Drag arrows on the image to show the spray foam insulation before and after the removal.)

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Mr Smithers could not sell his property because spray foam insulation was installed incorrectly. Surveyors and mortgage lenders now request that sellers remove the insulation before exchanging the property. Countrywide Coatings & Insulation can offer a solution for the removal of the spray foam and complete a property exchange.

Sellers in Southampton can get a no-obligation estimate from Countrywide Coatings & Insulation and know that they are receiving the best advice on removing spray foam insulation and getting the property sale back on track.

Our process


Meet & greet

Step 1

Meet & greet at the agreed time confirmed with clients. Discuss your schedule of works and commence spray foam removal job.


Step 2

Prepare the site for work to commence. Use dust sheets to cover areas of importance and move any expensive objects.

Cut out spray foam

Step 3

Cut out large sections of foam with specialist insulation saws. Use scrapers and pallet knives carefully remove from corners. Taking great care to not damage felt.

Ice blast

Step 4

Ice blast rafters to clean and expose if required.


Step 5

Clean away and remove debris. We have a waste carriers licence and will dispose of the waste correctly and cost efficiently for our clients.

Loft insulation roll

Step 6

Carry out any remedial work. Apply new Loft insulation or rafter insulation if required. Leaving your home prepared to your specifications.

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