Renotec Roof Coating

Revolutionise your roofing experience with Renotec roof coating, meticulously crafted by seasoned engineers boasting over three decades of expertise in protective coating innovation for the roofing sector. This cutting-edge solution not only prolongs the lifespan of your roof tiles but also mitigates surface erosion, effectively transforming dreary rooftops into gleaming showcases of cleanliness.

Why opt for Renotec roof coating restoration?

Choosing Renotec Restoration offers a comprehensive solution for your roofing needs. With its ability to enhance roof longevity, elevate roof aesthetics, and potentially increase property value, RENOTEC stands out for its capacity to restore original surface protection swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, it presents remarkable cost savings compared to traditional re-roofing methods, making it a genuine alternative to costly total roof replacements.

Featuring advanced coating organic formulation:

Renotec roof coating stands at the forefront of roof coating systems in Germany, engineered to fortify roofs against the rigours of water, frost, and sun exposure. Crafted from a specialized organic 100% acrylic formula (APEO-free) and enriched with meticulously chosen pigments, this solution promises unparalleled durability and resilience.

Unparalleled hydrophobicity:

Bolstered by exceptional hydrophobic properties, Renotec ensures your roof stays dry and is highly resistant to biological threats such as mould and mildew. Dry roof tiles enhance thermal resistance and thwart frost damage while curbing the proliferation of microbial spores.

Effortless self-cleaning prowess:

Thanks to its self-cleaning efficiency, Renotec roof coatings make dirt particles a non-issue as they wash away with rainfall effortlessly. This ensures your roof tiles retain their pristine allure for years, requiring minimal maintenance.

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RENOTEC Roof Coating

Key features of RENOTEC Roof Coating include:

  • For use on all mineral roof tiles including concrete, clay, and fibro cement
  • Super hydrophobic coating – treated surfaces repel water
  • Manufactured in Germany using the very latest, superior nano-technology
  • Water based
  • Choice of colours available
  • Great coverage
  • Chemically bonds to the roof tile surface
  • UV resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens.
  • Helps to extend the lifespan of the roof tiles
  • Proven performance

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Restore & Protect
Restore & Protect

RENOTEC Roof Coating provides a real alternative to the costly and wasteful decision to get a roof replacement. Applying RENOTEC Roof Coating not only improves the appearance of the roof but improves the performance.

Super Hydrophobic Coating
Super Hydrophobic Coating

RENOTEC BPA (Beading Performance Additive) is a special designed additive to make RENOTEC Roof Coating a super hydrophobic system. Its extreme beading behaviour will protect the roof tiles from water ingress.

Highly Breathable
Highly Breathable

RENOTEC Roof Coating allows moisture to escape, while preventing any moisture entering the roof tiles. This is why RENOTEC is so advanced, coming with a 25 year proven performance & a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Choice of Colours
Choice of Colours

There is a wide selection of colours available to help transform roofs from dirty and unattractive to looking like new. Colours include; Tile Red, Anthracite, Black Blue, Green, Dark Brown, Red Brown & Rustic Red.

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